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Personal Information Protection Policy

ACard Hotel System, Inc. (“Company”), together with the Participating Properties, comply with the laws and regulations related to handling personal information and take the utmost care to safeguard Member’s personal information in managing and operating the ACards.

1.The ACard Personal Information

  1. Information provided on the designated application form at the time of enrollment into the membership program, such as name, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, company name and ACard number.
  2. Guest’s stay data and accumulated points information.
  3. E-mail address and passwords for Members to use on the Company’s website.

2.Use of Personal Information

  1. The Company and Participating Properties shall jointly use Member’s personal information that the Company collects for the purposes of the ACard operation and provision of comprehensive services for its Members.
    Accordingly, the Company may share Member’s personal information with the Participating Properties and likewise, Participating Properties may share the information with the Company as well.
    The sharing of personal information amongst the Company and Participating Properties shall not be for any other use besides the provision of ACard Services.
    An agreement has been formed with the Participating Properties with regard to the handling of personal information to ensure strict control measures.
  2. The Company and Participating Properties shall send to its Members information and announcements about various services via letters and e-mails, but should there be a request from a Member, all correspondence shall be promptly discontinued.
  3. The Company may provide Member’s personal information, such as name and address, to a trusted third-party service provider for sending out marketing materials. In such cases, the Company shall establish contracts with the third-party service provider to ensure that Member’s personal information shall not be used for any other purpose besides providing ACard services, and shall have the service providers take appropriate measures under strict guidance and supervision.

3.Management of Personal Information

All Member’s personal information is stored in a computer database and the Company takes the necessary and proper measures for prevention of leakage, loss or damage. The Company entrusts an external service provider that is recognized for its level of protection of personal information to handle Member’s personal information. To the extent necessary, the service provider will refer to the information to conduct its services, but with regard to the protection of personal information, the Company shall take responsibility.

4.Security of Personal Information

In order to ensure the security of Member’s personal information during transmission, the Company uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which uses an encryption technology. By using this protocol, the Company can prevent leakage as the information that is transmitted over the internet is encrypted. However, it is difficult to maintain 100% security on the internet and the Company cannot guarantee complete privacy.

5.Disclosure, Corrections, Discontinuance of Personal Information

  1. If a request is received from a Member for disclosure, the information stored in the database will be disclosed promptly.
  2. Should there be any errors in the information, such errors shall be promptly edited or deleted.
  3. Members can access their own information on the Company’s website and should there be any errors, Members can edit the errors themselves.
  4. However, in the case of a disclosure request through a formal legal procedure, the disclosure would not be limited to the Member.

The Company carries out strict control procedures in handling Member’s important personal information to prevent any leakage and loss. The Company has established regulations to practice compliance and exerts maximum effort for safety procedures and moving forward, the Company will continue to educate its staff to make efforts to take the utmost care in handling personal information.

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